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Product Detail

Formaldehyde-free fixing agent (40%) HTF-148


Formaldehyde-free fixing agent (40%) HTF-148


Quality index:


Colorless to light yellow transparent and viscous liquid

Solid content


PH (1% aqueous solution)



Easily soluble in cold water

Application property:
1. It does not contain free-formaldehyde and will not release free-formaldehyde.

2. It is suitable for pink, maroon, rose and other color of reactive dyeing. It is also suitable for cotton, T/C, N/C and can improve color fastness obvioulsy.

3. Minimal change of shade and minimal color change after fixing fixation. 

4. Minimal effect on light fastness after fixation.

5. No effect on the hand feeling of fabric. 
Recommended dosage:

1.Dipping method: 0.2-0.7%(o.w.f)

2.Padding method: 4-10g/L

The specific dosage is according to the amount of sample.
In after finishing process, it can be used with nonionic softening agent.
Packing & storage:
125kg plastic drum, keep in dark place at room temperature.

Shelf life is half a year.

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