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Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.

A professional modern company in
R&D,Production, Sale and Service.



    In 1994

  • The predecessor of Xinhaitian started by renting the business license of “Shaoxing Taoyan Auxiliary No.1 Factory” , and rented 200 square meters plant area, which are belonging to the village committee of former Sheshan village and being renamed as “Shaoxing Orient Auxiliary Factory” at the same time.

  • THE MAIN EQUIPMENT: Two 500kg Water Vats

  • THE FIRST PRODUCTS:Paste Peregal O; Penetrant JFC;

    IN 1999

  • “Shaoxing Orient Auxiliary Factory”was renamed as “Shaoxing Haitian Auxiliary manufacturing Co. Ltd.”

  • In Nov. 2000

  • Had Purchased 4000 square meters land.

  • In June 2001

  • Started to construct the workshop buildings and went into production in December of the same year, carrying out the policy of building and putting into the production at the same time.
    The investment amount of first phase is about 3.5 million Yuan. Mainly produced the textile and printing auxiliaries, such as resist salt S, diffusing agent NNO and nekal BX.

  • In 2008

  • The output value had exceeded 20 million Yuan.

    2008 to 2009

  • Had Purchased 30,000 square meters land being used of constructing the workshop buildings in allopatry and went into production in 2010.

  • In 2010

  • Had made the independent development of the environmentally-friendly fixing agent and started the production and sale, which have passed the certification of ISO9001 quality system.

  • In July 2010

  • “Shaoxing Haitian Auxiliary manufacturing Co., Ltd.” was renamed as “Zhejiang Xinhaitian Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.”

  • In Jan 2011

  • Been evaluated as “grass-roots labor union demonstration unit at six requirements” by Shaoxing County general labor union.

  • In 2013

  • With the annual sales over 100 million Yuan, the annual tax revenue over 10 million Yuan and the annual output over 15 thousand tons.

  • In 2014

  • Had been evaluated as “TOP 20 company of comprehensive strength in China textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries Association, and been hitherto evaluated as that Continuously.

  • In Jan 2016

  • Had been evaluated as “The member” by the First Council of Zhejiang textile printing and Dyeing Auxiliaries Industry Association.

  • In Dec 2017

  • In Dec 2017 Had been evaluated as "State-level high technology enterprises" by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.